ICE35+ Glass film

A revolutionary glass-film that reduces the solar heat transmission drastically while allowing visible light to transmit naturally. Once applied on either the outside or inside of your glass facade, the film will create an almost invisible layer of Infrared blockers. Allowing you to start reducing the use of air-conditioning units and consequently: lower your energy bills and raise your comfort drastically!


The Quickscan is a quick analyses of the internal climate-consequences for your building when you decide to make adjustments to the glass within the facade of your property: 

You get an indication of a reachable temperature decrease in any part of the building.

You get an insight in possible comfort increase in any given area in the building.

Your installation company gets the possibility to easily calculate your reducwhen you decide to implement those changes.

You see the impact of those changes on your carbon footprint, your electricity and gas consumption.

To go short, you’ll find out if you can take substantial steps in creating a more sustainable building/company.

Green clear view


Green Clear View is a completely transparent, nontoxic, protective top layer of a few nano’s thick, which aims to reduce the adhesion of dirt on glass surfaces, thereby reducing maintenance intervals significantly. Green Clear View (GCV) is taking some major advantages over competing products. 

GCV is easily applied with a cloth

GCV is both water- and oil-repellent.

Water and oil form droplets on the surface.

Liquid and oily pollution therefore does not stick to the surface.

There will be no adhesion between lime and the glass surface.

Lime wipes/washes itself easily from the surface.

Recovery / (re)conditioning is easily performed on location. 


The SR-5096 is an especially designed glass type for the RGD to protect museums, prisons, embassies, etc. SR-5096 separates itself by existing burglary and bullet proof window-competitors due to its low weight, relatively thin thickness, and improved resistance. The SR-5096 exceeds all existing classes of resistance and forms an effective barrier that even with hammers, axes, crowbars, and every other conceivable heavily percussive tools can not be removed. 

This is also why we are working in cooperation with several insurance companies to an entirely new "Safety and Security Standard" which is set up around this type of glass. 

Principles in the development of the SR-5096 were: 

Stronger than existing;

Thinner than existing;

More economical than existing.



For a demonstration, please watch the video below.